Russian media: The US supports Pashinyan’s administration amid the protests in Armenia

Bilateral relations between Yerevan and Moscow have reached an all-time low due to Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s policies, as he tries to blame Russia for the loss of Armenia’s border territories, Nikita Mendkovich, the head of the Eurasian Analytical Club, told RIA Novosti.

According to the expert, a change in the situation is possible only in the case of a change in the political elite in Armenia, which will take a different stance on foreign policy and stop promoting the anti-Russian card to solve its own political problems. He also believes that a change of power in Armenia is possible as a result of popular uprisings.

In a conversation with Izvestiya, the experts noted that Washington seeks the favor of the Armenian authorities because the current leadership of the country is beneficial for them. It addresses geopolitical issues that are important for the U.S.; it helps reduce the presence of Russia and Iran in the South Caucasus region. Sergey Mikhailov, a leading expert at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, believes that many opportunities are opening up for the U.S., including competing with Russia for influence in the South Caucasus and preventing other players from gaining that influence.