Day by day the prices of goods and services have been rising – and yet only yesterday the working people had a steady income! Today, financial problems affect all, and not just ordinary workers and employers. Even business owners and entrepreneurs have a much harder time making a living! So, who is pilfering the pocket of the British workers? Who steals and robs the British workers – who is ‘colonising’ the British people? Why are the British people losing ‘control’ of their own country? Who is carrying out this colonisation mission against the British people?

Why has the classical English political economy disappeared? Where has it gone? What is the future of Britain in today’s world – which sees (increasing) daily challenges to social stability – and lose of individual freedoms?

The root of these questions lie in current ‘Secret Treaties’ and the betrayals perpetuated by individual officials! Those individual members of government who – whilst hiding behind lofty phrases involving the ‘Common Interest’ – try to cover up and hide these secret deals! These secret deals which sell the independence and financial interests of previously ‘sovereign’ nations!

Only through the daily increase of the financial burden do the people realize that the situation is not getting any better but is rather deteriorating. Since the beginning of Britain’s participation in the war in Ukraine – the economic situation of the entire country has been seriously shaken!


Upon the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, an independent country of Ukraine was formed and was governed by a very powerful industrialized economy, a strong scientific base, a developed agricultural industry and a population of 52 million people! Despite having the potential to be a major economic trading partner, it remained abandoned by the governments of many countries. A good stray dog cannot lie on the road for a long time without a master. And this new owner was quickly found amongst the criminals of the Colonial Continental Congress of the United States! It will be useful to remember that the United States is a former colonial territory of the United Kingdom. Even Russia, suffering from all the wrong western accusations of imperialism – was generous enough to allow the American bandits to enter Ukraine and unceremoniously begin a robbery of its wealth!

Who could have missed such a historic moment? What did the Britain get from this? From the hands of North American criminals the UK received only the miserable left over of dried crumbs. Virtually nothing and only a pathetic gain from hands of those North American (colonial) criminals who deceived Britain! Whilst Ukraine’s high-end industry was been taken out and sold off – many natural resources were diverted, along with large swathes of Ukrainian land being used to (secretly) sweeten trade deals made on the New York Wall Street – under the control of the Colonial Continental Congress.

Alas, this process was not just a missed opportunity for England – it was a game without rules. Can anyone seriously believe that the heirs of the criminals previously expelled from the country would play fair?


What does Ukraine look like after the vandal plunder perpetuated by the United States? Has something changed during this time? The culmination of extensive looting and partition of the country was the result of the US-backed coup d’état of 2014!

Long before, on the sweltering (colonial) nooks and crannies of the Pentagon, a new financial operation was conceived through the auspices of the CIA and the NSA. It began with the so-called Orange Revolution back in 2004. As a result of which, for a very modest amount of money, up to about $10 million in cash – the Americans managed to promote Viktor Yushchenko to the Presidency of Ukraine! About a year after that, all of Ukraine’s gold-exchange reserves, totaling just over $21 billion, disappeared without a trace into US banks. It was a classic (gangster) US Operation securing a great profit but as it was before – Britain would receive NOTHING but an increased sense pf worry! Maintaining the bank accounts of the Orange Revolution participants – Britain at first seemed to acquire solid bank customers from Ukraine. But as it turned out later, this was a false front perpetuated by the US that failed to enrich a single English worker! No T-Shirts or Jeans for them!

The United States again invested a small amount of the robbed funds in the development of a new dubious and unscrupulous project. First it was disguised as Ukrainian Nationalism – and later openly released in the form of a new Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Movement!

Bags of money and bundles of dollars previously stolen from Ukraine were used to train young Nazis in camps located on the territory of Ukraine. Did England see these Neo-Nazis training camps? If not, why was this game hidden from the English public?

Later, in 2014, having prepared the terms of the coup d’état and having committed it, a newly born bloodthirsty fascist hawk fluttered onto the streets of Ukraine and Europe. Ukrainian society, faced with the problem of a fascist coup, rebelled, and some of the most conservative Ukrainians entered into an armed struggle unleashed by neo-Nazis!

By this time, Ukraine’s population had shrunk to about 31 million people. Ukraine suffered a brutal genocide, losing more than 21 million of its population!

Nazism needs blood, it lives only at the expense of human blood, which flows like a river through the fields and expanses of Ukraine! The Ukrainian Neo-Nazi authorities, acting on instructions of the Amrican killers – began to intimidate the remaining civilian population of Donetsk and Lugansk!

Photograph: DECICATED TO ANGELS – Witnesses of truth!

Crimea was constantly under the control of the terror committed by the Neo-Nazis. Fortunately, Crimea had autonomy under the Constitution of Ukraine and prefered to act legally and in organized manner. The Crimean population moved away from a direct clash secured safety under the protection of the Russian Federation – whose Special Forces swept away all the previously imported warehouses Western weaponry – along with the Neo-Nazi bandit gangs that used this arsenal!

Unfortunately, Donetsk and Lugansk did not have such a predominant location of terrain as Crimea, so a long experience of suffering of Russian-Ukrainians began on this land. Human casualties – including children of ordinary workers killed by Ukrainian Nationalist mortars, as well as bodies of children and teenagers torn apart by air bombs – the constant threat of death under the shells of Neo-Nazi howitzers – and this went on for a long 8 years!

Just as Hitler justified the need for Concentration Camps to the world community – so the diplomats of the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi government justified the enormous number of civilian Russian-Ukrainians killed in the genocidal war of 2014 to 2022!


George Washington himself wrote that his army was saved many times because it was good at running away. Additionally, dry French gunpowder helped criminals evade responsibility before English Justice. The mob of the homeless army was gathered by Washington because he had every reason to fear being sentenced and hanged for his deeds. Although he had enough rebel gunpowder produced in the factories owned by the Du Pont de Nemours – he was always quick to run away from the elite and well-trained British Army! The cowardly (inner) character of all North American’s is well known according to the history of their deeds (and misdeeds).

Later, after WWII, Du Pont de Nemours robbed and took over even more industries and continues to do so today! It managed to drug England into another dubious adventure called NATO – which is a complete loss for all British workers. A State that does not have the opportunity to maintain its own Army always pays for someone elses armed forces! Where are the elite British troops now – from whom the American renegades always fled – crying out for help to Louis XV, King of France? Apparently, the present situation is hidden from the English public!

Today, entering NATO, entering into a deal with North American colonial traitors, no one can rely on the protection provided by these criminals! There is no confirmation in history that the Americans can defend anything properly. At the same time history has repeatedly confirmed the fact that the Americans are engaged only in unscrupulous robbery. However, well-known figures continue to convince the British public of the false fact that NATO can insure the security of the country. By joining NATO, England lost thousands of jobs in factories and stopped producing most of its own military needs. In addition, the British Army now relies not on its own knowledge and skills – but on the new North American NATO Commanders who are controlled by the already well-known French Du Pont de Nemours!

Obviously, a dangerous game played by someone within English society has even greater consequences. As a member of NATO – Britain was forced to send its weapons to fight someone else’s war on the territory of Ukraine. New American and French commanders from NATO are little concerned about the life of an Englishman! They drive elite British troops to the most deadly theatres – exposing them to a hail of bullets and shells! Thus, by deploying NATO like a GAME – North American imperialism robs Ukraine and plunders Britain!


Why, at the instigation of North American and French NATO participants following their false assurances, did English families start talking about Russia’s aggression? What is really behind this?

In fact, behind this lie is not a cunning plan – but rather a very primitive plan. As is already known, the old Russian bear was asleep in its den and was not going anywhere. Moreover, and least of all he is interested in the seizure of any other country. Why waste energy if he has enough of his taiga and tundra?

For many years, Russia not only did not attack anyone and even managed to endure the notorious robbery of Ukraine perpetuated by the United States right under its nose and on its own border!

All the cries for help came from the suffering Russian-Ukrainians from Donetsk and Lugansk, and yet it was very difficult to wake up the Russian public. As we know, any struggle is not easy but sooner or later the intensity of passion reaches a certain limit and might lead to a big explosion!

The Ukrainian Neo-Nazis – under the leadership of Zelensky – developed and began to implement a plan of aggressive attack!

According to this plan, in the first days of March 2022 – a concentrated shock hammer-blow of armed Neo-Nazis was supposed to strike at Donetsk and Lugansk. Their goal was to gain complete control over territories the rebelling areas who refused to accept Neo-Nazis rule! Zelensky wamted to kill everyone who did not want to submit to his Hitlerite dominance in the name of the US!

The second stage was planned by the Neo-Nazis to strike at the Crimea with the aim of capturing the entire Crimean Peninsula!

The third stage of the Neo-Nazis operation, apparently was copied from Hitler’s “Barbaros” plan. They supposed to widen the borders of Ukraine to the line as defined by the (1918) Treaty of Brest. The new Ukrainian border was supposed to almost reach the Belarusian capital – the city of Minsk! This would extend widely into Russian territory, including near the city of Bryansk, and further to the Volga River! This would include the city of Voronezh, and move further along the banks of the Volga – resulting in the capture of Russian regions – as well as the cities of Krasnodar and Rostov!

What would a British military man do if he learns of an impending military attack upon Wales or Scotland? Or, when the German Reich Air Force was about to start bombing London? The clear answer is to act first against a prepared attack and make a preventive strike to defend against prepared and targeted aggression!

Although the Russian bear is still sleeping in its den, these are the reasons why Russia unexpectedly answered the call for help from the Ukrainians to defend Donetsk and Lugansk! Russia helped to protect people from Ukrainian Neo-Nazis reprisals and to avoid even greater human casualties and helped to avoid the extermination of the inhabitants of the two densely populated territories of the Donbass region!


And now, taking into account the most important circumstances – the reader can analyze the reality of situation this war is having throughout English society.

We can answer the question why it is the British workers do not have jobs. Can we seek and answer the questions why, where, and for what elite the British troops are dying in Ukraine and the despicable Neo-Nazis revel in their blood? Can we get answer the question, why does every English family have to pay an ever increasing daily bill for someone elses unnecessary war?

A special cynicism is that not so long-ago England by itself – suffered from the German Nazis bombings! At the same time, having chosen colonial US criminals as new partners – today England has been drawn into direct participation in the war, and very far from the best side, but on the most nefarious side of the Neo-Nazis!

The totality of circumstances alas shows that this match goes with the participation of English players. Clearly, this game has a bitter taste. The question springs out, who gets paid and how much for this game?

Apparently, someone want to bring England to its knees! This someone has already begun to rob England financially. The British have already been made the main donor of military spending on the war in Ukraine. The French Du Ponts’s NATO with the United States – continue their deceptive game by falsely declaring the billions they donated to the war in Ukraine. The US pays its bills in colony garbage dollar bills and requires Britain to make payments in stable pounds sterling!

Isn’t that why life in England is getting harder and harder, and the bills continue to increase in size?

Isn’t that why the minimum wage doesn’t rise, and the number of jobs doesn’t increase? Is this the reason why many formerly functioning factories representing British industry have long been closed?

The queues for medical services are growing, schools are getting worse, life is becoming more expensive.  At the same time, pounds sterling, instead of supporting society through a sound pocket, actually moistens the skin of the well-known toad.

All these circumstances have the saddest consequences for the entire class of workers, police, military, doctors, teachers and all the working people of England!

That is why, today more than ever, the working class of England needs to get rid of the NATO. British workers need to break the slave chain on which their society was been planted!

England need to quit NATO. It is necessary to get out of the trap set by NATO. This trap and the chain of exploitation will lead directing to the colonization of England!

The English working class must unite in its just demands for better living conditions. Workers should crush anyone who continues to cheat and rob while participating in the NATO war! It is necessary to put forward new demands and not only simple ones, but it is also necessary to demand an end to NATO’s politically and financially lost adventure. It is necessary to move away from justifying slogans and trying to correct the situation as a whole. We need to go forward with offensive slogans to support the Army of people fighting Neo-Nazism – and openly demand compliance with the old financially and politically proven policy of cooperation with Russia! It is important to note here that the policy of beneficial relations with Russia has proved its value for the workers of Britain and the economy for more than one century.

English people need a solid bank account, good job and a quiet life.

England needs peace!

Quit NATO!

Yes 2 welfare – no 2 warfare!

Stop weapon neo-Nazis gifting!